Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Festivals that really introduce you to Sri Lankan life and its inhabitants, let’s get a feel of, with WanderlustAsia.


Sri Lanka’s rich heritage, deep rooted traditions passed down from generation to generation for decades and its multi ethnic, multi-cultural nature are reason why the country sees many gala festival and celebrations happening all year around. Hence you are bound to be witnessing some sort of a celebration while on tour to Sri Lanka.


The composition is made up of both religious and culture centric events such as the Perahera- the colourful processions with regal elephants parading the streets; Sinhala and Hindu New Year; a harvesting thanks giving event based on astrological reasons, Vesak; a festival marked by illumination in commemoration of the Thrice Blessed Day and the flamboyant Vel festival and Nallur Festival of the Hindu devotees amongst a host of colorful events taking place all year around. There are also annual feasts of the churches happening from time to time. One thing to keep in mind however is that, during Full Moon Poya days, Sri Lanka follows the practice of imposing restrictions on the sale of meat and liquor.

Religious and cultural fervor apart, the recent years have seen Sri Lanka celebrating gala food, art, drama, drum and literary festivals quite often.

This variety of pomp and pageantry you surely must experience, during your stay in Sri Lanka.



While in Maldives, watch out for those Green and Red national flags on the streets for they are an indication of an upcoming festival. 

Flags for festivals?…Because Maldives is a nation that has its culture and heritage intact. Much of the significant religious and national festivals of the sovereign archipelagic state of Maldives are celebrated with a remarkable fervor of patriotism by its citizenry whilst showcasing the different facets of their culture.

The festival times are generally declared public holidays which the inhabitants spend in home islands. Traditional music, dance and sports are some of the key aspects relating to these festivals celebrated on a grand scale, and the cultural rituals of the local fishermen and islanders take centre stage at these events.

Here WanderlustAsia invites you to take a glimpse into the festivals in Maldives that introduces to their beliefs, tradition, heritage and way of life. The festivals are also a great opportunity to try authentic local cuisine such as Gula, kuli boakiba, foni boakiba and kiru Sarbat while getting a feel of the colourful aspects of Maldivian culture.

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