Maldives Holidays, get the best deal for complete tour packages.
Maldives Holidays, get the best deal for complete tour packages.
Maldives Holidays, get the best deal for complete tour packages.

About Mesmerizing Maldives

The Independent Republic of Maldives - an archipelago state in the Indian Ocean which has been a settlement of Aryan immigrants and later Arab settlers who brought Islamic religion to the nation, and later invaded by the Portuguese, Indians and the French, still has its culture and heritage intact. The Sovereign state is composed of a cluster of rich inhabited islands embraced by the reef and shallow lagoons. While 99% of the territory includes the sea area, the land area amounts to less than 300 sq km. With sunshine in abundance and occasional rainfalls, fluctuating daytime temperatures, humidity is hallmark of this destination. Yes, sun hats, sunscreen is a must! Nevertheless, a perfect holiday destinations with vibrant islands offering plenty of fun and frolic.

Travel Guide

The Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR). Non-convertible currency. US dollars are acceptable legal currency anywhere in the Maldives. Credit cards are also accepted in many places.

Busses, trains, taxis, ferries. Private jets can be arranged with prior booking with airports.

Ambulance 102

Coast Guard 191

Fire 118

Police 119

Cotton clothes to suit a tropical climate. When visiting inhabited islands, tourist should dress appropriately to respect local culture.

Warm and sunny all year around.

Dhivehi and English

5 hours ahead of GMT.

Wide range of gift and specialty shops in Male. Popular resorts have souvenir shops and clothes shops. Super markets have items needed for tourists.

SIM cards can be purchased at the mobile network shops at the airport.


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